The Drawing Board


We began this custom remodel in August of 2017. This home was built in 1977. As you can imagine home design has changed quite a bit since then. The most obvious change needed was in the roof pitch. We started with a 4/12  roof pitch. For curb appeal the first job was to figure out how to change the roof to a more modern 10/12 pitch. While that seems to be a simple process, it takes careful planning and execution. After many drawings by draftsmen, us, the homeowners and even the framers we settled on a plan. The first plan was to gable (see picture below) the porch and middle of the house on the existing 4/12 pitch.  After more consideration it was decided that changing the pitch to 10/12 was essential. In addition,  hipping the ends of the roof added more visual interest (bottom photo). After this was settled the new roof  was constructed over top of the old one. 

The front porch and entry way also needed to be updated. The existing front porch needed to be torn down to make room for a deeper, more dramatic entry.  The double gable over a new 8' front door completed the work for the new front entry.

Roof progress.JPG